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Here at Smokes 4 Less, we do everything we can to bring you quality products at cheap prices! Some of our most popular cigarette brands include: Marlboro, Eagle 20’s, Montego, and Crown. 


All of our locations offer a variety of cigars/ cigarillos including popular brands like Swisher Sweets, White Owl and Backwoods. Come explore the wonders of premium cigars in the huge walk in humidor at our Onalaska location, and if you are just looking for some basics, the Southside location has you covered. 


We offer a variety of options if you want to save a few bucks and roll your own cigarettes. We have everything you need to get started including: 1oz, 6oz, and 16oz bags of tobacco, king and 100 mm size tubes, and a variety of rolling machine options. Some of our customer favorites are The Good Stuff, Ohm, and Tube Cut. 

*only available at Onalaska and South side locations*

roll your own tobacco bags at smokes 4 less


Looking to quit nicotine or just wanting to try something new? E-cigs may be what you’re looking for. We have juice and disposables ranging from 60 mg/ml all the way to 0 mg/ml so this is the perfect way to ease yourself off!


These are devices that come prefilled with your choice of flavor. We have options with just 1,000 puffs all the way to 8,000+ puffs. Some of our favorite brands are Loon, EB design, Lost Mary, and Breeze. 

Refillable Options

If you are looking for a more cost efficient option, we recommend trying out a refillable device! These are devices that you can recharge and fill your own juice. Juice can be either salt nicotine, or sub-ohm depending on your preference. Just replace the pod/ coil every now and then and you are set! Our best sellers are Vaporesso, Loon Salt, Naked, and Smok. 


At Smokes 4 Less, we carry legal cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabidiol (CBD and THC) products. These are naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. The Farm Bill passed in 2018 made THC products not containing delta-9 legal. We carry cartridges, disposables, edibles, flower, concentrates, and tinctures. Our favorite brands are Fuego, Hidden Hills, STNR, and Urb.

Read about the farm bill here: 2018 farm bill


Come explore our huge glass rooms at Northside and Southside locations! We have a large a variety of products including waterpipes, grinders, chillums, rolling trays, and more!

*not available at Onalaska location*


We have so much more at our stores that you just have to come see including clothing, incense, candles, games, accessories and much more!